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Work to make Moen (M), the in-game currency, and gain EXP.

Working for 1 hour will also recover 1 conversation for "Communicate: Talk" and "Girl Talk" conversations.

There are 2 types of jobs: Normal and Special. While Special jobs will give more Moen, they change randomly each day.

You can't put your MyRoid to sleep while you are working.

You can also select one helper before starting the job, given that the MyRoid selected to help can't be already working, studying, sleeping or helping another MyRoid. The same MyRoid can't help you twice in the same day.

When working with a helper, the working time is reduced by half, the Moen gained by you is reduced to 60%, and the helper gains 20% (40% when they 'Cheer') of the total Moen.
You still gain the same experience as when working alone.

Using the Negotiatior Hermit to reduce the working time has no effect on Moen and Experience gained.
On other hand, using the Business Lady to increase the working time also increases the amount of Moen and Experience gained.

The total amount of a job's income (and experience) is calculated by the following formula:

$ \frac{m \times M \times T}{6000} $

where m is the amount of Moen per hour, M is the amount of motivation the MyRoid working has, and T is the duration of the job in minutes.

If your MyRoid is starting the job with another MyRoid, multiply the result by 0.6, or 0.4 if vice versa. Set the job duration as if you were working alone.

*Expected Moen Earnings and EXP Gain shown in the below tables are on an assumption that M (amount of motivation the MyRoid working has) is at its default level (100 Points). If your MyRoid's Motivation Level decreases due to being bothered or increases after being "warned" to concentrate, the final result will vary depending on the amount of Motivation your MyRoid has at the end of her job. Using the Double Master (300AP each or with Doc's Recommendation Packs 1000 and above) during work will increase the EXP gained using double the motivation points (2 x M) factored into the calculation, although it does not affect the Moen Earnings obtained during that job stint.

Normal JobsEdit

Normal jobs are available at all times and have no Type requirement.

Job Title Requirements Time Moen/hr Earnings* EXP/hr EXP Gain*
Walking the dog None 1hr00min 100 100 6 6
Dish Washing None 2hr00min 125 250 6 12
Park Cleaning None 3hr00min 150 450 6 18

Special JobsEdit

Special jobs are available randomly, changing each day and requires your MyRoid to have a specific Type as one of her 3 current Types to be unlocked for selection, except for the Waitress job.

Job Title Requirements Time Moen/hr Earnings* EXP/hr EXP Gain*
Waitress None 2hr00min 200 400 6 12
Street Dancer Default 1hr30min 300 450 10 15
Illustrator Sweet 4hr00min 350 1400 12 48
Cake Shop Girl Childish 2hr00min 325 650 12 24
Pianist Tsundere 4hr00min 375 1500 12 48
Movie Director Dominant 5hr00min 360 1800 12 60
Cheerleader Tomboy 4hr00min 325 1300 12 48
Research Helper Mysterious 2hr00min 340 680 12 24
Model Sexy 5hr00min 360 1800 12 60
Part-time Miko Neat 5hr00min 330 1650 12 60
TV Presenter Sassy 3hr00min 333 999 12 36
Banker Cool 3hr00min 350 1050 12 36
Chief Needy 3hr00min 383 1149 12 36
Nurse Yandere 2hr00min 320 640 15 30
Pet Shop Clerk Crybaby 4hr00min 295 1180 13 52
Kemari Player Noble 1hr30min 453 680 6 9
Bartender Masculine 2hr00min 275 550 20 40
Comedian Cheeky 4hr00min 250 1000 15 60
Private Tutor Diligent 2hr00min 350 700 15 30
Store Clerk Brash 6hr00min 200 1200 12 72

Premium JobsEdit

Premium Jobs are unlocked with the purchase of Doc's Recommendation Pack D.

Job Title Requirements Time Moen/hr Earnings* EXP/hr EXP Gain*
Girl Scout Nothing 1hr00min 300 300 20 20
Bus Guide Nothing 1hr00min 500 500 2 2

Increasing Special JobsEdit

Some of the Doc's Recommendations packs can increase your choice of Special Jobs, with the increased amount depending on the pack.

  • Recommendation Pack A+Recommendation Pack 1500B: SP Jobs: +2
  • Recommendation Pack 2000 SP Jobs: +2
  • Recommendation Pack 1000 SP Jobs: +1

The maximum number of Special Jobs is 5.

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