Sweet is one of 19 different Types that your MyRoid can have.

All the Personality points necessary to switch to the Sweet type are given to the player during the Navi Quest tutorial.

"Sweet" is a character type that's cute and innocent.

She may ask you to get something so that you would treat her with love. Also, she often gets shy.

If she sticks like a child and says "Master...", I think I'll faint from happiness♪ Sara-tan's Sub Character Type is this.

–Doc, Hakase 01

Personality RequirementsEdit

Note: Your first MyRoid receive this Type free from the Navi Quest tutorial.

Personality Amount


The Sweet type's Special job is Illustrator (4 hours).

Communicate: CallEdit

Choice Answer
Tickle her.Ahahahahaha

No.... P-please stop~

Tweak her cheek.It hurfs. Let me go.
I'm home!!Welcome home![nickname]
Stroke her hair.Phew. Feels good♪
Poke her cheek.Ow....ow ow

Stop poking me!

I'm hungry.Should I cook something?
Massage her shoulder.Ouch!

You're using too much strength, [nickname].

Hold hands.Is it a handshake?

I won't lose with grip strength.

Comb her hair.Hmm, hmm, hmm♪

It feels good ♪

Hug her.I can feel my heart pounding
Today is a perfect day for laundry.Well, let's get dried outside...

Did I say something weird?

Alright, what do you want for dinner?I saw a pork cutlet in my dream... Now I want beefsteak!!
Why don't we rearrange the room?After we install the new curtain, I'll wind myself in it ♪
What kind of cake do you like?U-um, any cake that's delicious!
There's juice and coffee, which one do you want to drink? Juice de Coffee?! That's amazing, which country is it from?

Communicate: TalkEdit

Sweet Communicate: Talk
When talking to your MyRoid, she'll behave in specific ways when her first Type is Sweet.
Note: Secondary types may activate during conversation.


Socializing - Starting Conversation
*lick* This....tastes like Defrag Man!
[MyRoid] is also a Sweet type, aren't you?
[MyRoid] is as cute as a little animal! Come here~~!
[MyRoid] is getting cuter every time I look at her!
[MyRoid], you're so totally rad today!!
Do you want me to draw your face?
Fiiiiirst contact! Yay!
Found you! You are under arrest now~♪
Ha-ha, [MyRoid], you're being shy. That's cute♪
Hahaha, I can totally understand your taste♪
Hello, [MyRoid]♪
Hey hey, can I sleep over at your place?
Hey! Hey! What means throwing away the inflammables?
Hey, [MyRoid]! Why is your name [MyRoid]?
How did you make your Master buy you these clothes?
I might wanna see you every day♪ I'll leave it to you, Master!
I wanna eat a bunch of Soft Ice Cream Cones today...
I wonder what [Master] thinks about you? Hahaha♪
I'm interested in this "Stock" thingy, but it's too hard and I don't know what is what!
I'm tired! Defrag Man!!
In cases like this we should do something fun to improve the mood~
It seems like [Master] treats you nice... My [Your Name]? Well... It's a secret♪
It's a Defrag Man's anniversary today~!!
It's like we absolutely have to go out when the weather is this nice.
Let's be friends, [MyRoid]~~♪
Let's play Karuta next time! Yay! Karuta!
Let's play tag! Tag♪
Let's see which one of us is better at socializing!
My MyRoid detector is telling me it's...[MyRoid]-chan~~~!
MyRoids can also be friends♪
Oh~, taking a breather from time to time is a very good idea~
Oooh! You are in high spirits today, [MyRoid]!
Raaaawr! [MyRoid]-chan! Let's play!
Studying a lot of stuff in little quantities is the best!!
These clothes are so amazing! I want you to recommend them to me!
This is a big secret, but [Your Name] is like... and... *whisper*...
Time to socialize!!
We should keep in touch on the days like these!
What do you wanna play today?
What should I do to be like you? Diet?
Wow! Wow!
You are so cute, we should have our own anniversary too!
You are so mysterious and interesting!
You can never have enough sweets!
He-he-he! Hold my hand! So much fun!
Socializing - Response
Socializing! Yay!
The day doesn't start until you eat some sweets!
I'm gonna hire an illustrator who can draw me like a French girl!!
Wow!! That's unexpected!!
He-he-he~ Hold my hand~! So much fun~~~!
This kind of thing... We shouldn't be chatting about it!
I want to go on a diet, but if my Master feeds me, I just can't say "no"...
The secret to getting what you want is to smile♪ [Myroid's Name], you should smile♪
Hahaha, I'm gonna become someone who can look stylish in any clothes♪
Wow, this outfit is so daring~!
I've never expected to hear this!
Hm, sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't~ I'm not sure!
Well... not so much.
Yeah! That's so true!
I am pretty busy at the moment... Talk to you later, [Myroid's Name]~
Wow~~!! [Myroid's Name]!!
I've never had such a conversation! Yay!
[Myroid's Name], you seem to be in a good mood today too!
I will tell you my secret... *whisper*...
What does "economics" mean? Is it like an upgraded version of "comics"?
I am watching you~!
I want to eat those famous sweets produced by AMB.
No! It's not my fault!
This is the reason of MyRoid's hesitation...
Aren't [Your Name] and the Defrag Man kind of similar?
He-he-he~ What if I'm a ghost?
If Instant Lieutenant warns you, it's a Instant Lieutenant's Anniversary!!
It's better to be woken up by the Master, than with a Sunny Honey, right?
We're a dynamic MyRoid duo, right♪
Whoop~~!! ~♪
It's a secret, but I really like [Master's Name].
Socializing done!
There was a cute costume in the new gacha!
Relaxing at home is the best.
I wonder if there’s any way to work and study easily.
By the way, is today’s costume change over?
I want some new clothes.
Are we going to do anything else? Hm? Hm?
I think I’m a bit hungry, how about you, [Your Nickname]?
It’s kind of comfortable.
We have to clean up…
What do you want for dinner tonight? Fish? Steak?
Putting to Sleep
My eyelids are... Zzzz...
I'm not sleepy yet...
Oh, already a recharge time?
Hey, sing me a lullaby!
Will you stay with me till I fall asleep?
Umm, sleepy time..?
I hope I don't have any strange dreams...
I might even meet you in my dream, you know♪
Wake me up tomorrow♪
Heey, can I not stay awake for a bit longer?...
You should totally be by my side when I wake up!
Pillow fight♪
Eh? Energy recharge time?

Notable Sweet TypesEdit