Needy is one of 19 different Types that your MyRoid can have. Her personality is an attention-wanting older sister.

Personality RequirementsEdit

Personality Amount


The Needy type's Special job is Chief


When talking to your MyRoid, she'll behave in specific ways when her first Type is Needy.


Socializing - Starting Conversation
Yo, how are you?
[Myroid's name], you are basically my little sister...right?
Oh, how cute! Can I stroke your hair?
[Myroid's name]~!!
Long time no see!!
What a nice room. Can I stay longer?
You can count on your big sister!
Hey, [Myroid's name]!!
Let's go watch the sunset!!
I am the Neat type MyRoid!!
It is time for the usual socializing contest!!
(That was a perfect Neat type impression)
Well then, what should we talk about first? I want to hear something positive.
[Myroid's name]~!! I will give you attention!
I doubt [Your name] will like this. How about that one?
[Myroid's name]!!
I came here to socialize with you!!
Hey!! [Myroid's name]!! How are you?!
If you're confused, just do it!
Actions speak louder than words!
Don't you think [Myroid's Master name] looks like an otter?
Dealing with the sleepy sleepy virus?
Your fighting spirit is enough for this one.
Come to my place next time.
I need to say hello to [Myroid's Master name] later.
I want to socialize with you again tomorrow!
Can you recommend me that outfit?
Wouldn't you say that friendship starts from socializing?
All MyRoids have good and bad sides.
Tell me about yours!
I don't care if you can't make it!!
What? I just feel a bit sad.
[Myroid's name]~!

I just wanted to say your name!
Come to me if you feel troubled.
Uh... Cute clothes don't really fit me...
[Myroid's name]!! Nice expression you have there...
[Myroid's name], if you have a problem, you can always count on me.
Do you want me to wake you up every day?
...okay, that was a stupid question.
You are the only one I'm going to tell this, but the truth is, [Your name] is like... and always like...
I'm not interested in MCC10, so I'll be rooting for you.
I wish I could be like the navi girls...
Want to train with me?
Is something bothering you? Tell me about it.
It's time for some arm-wrestling, [Myroid's name]!!
Let's see who is stronger!!
What's wrong? I took my time to come here, but you don't look so well.
I want to travel together with you...
There's nothing bad about two MyRoids travelling alone, right?
Wait, what about recharging...?
Well, let’s start up on that laundry.
Stop dozing off and help me out!
It feels great to do a laundry on a day like this.
Okay, let’s get to work!
Don’t spend too much time watching TV. Okay?
Do you have a moment? Could you help me?
Put some back bones in there… [Your Nickname].
*sigh* …you messed up the room again…
Nnnn, I think my shoulder is stiff…
Studying is hard but I like it.
Putting to Sleep
I want to see you in my dream!
You need to wake me up tomorrow, okay?
But I have to go to bed now, right?
Should I sing you a lullaby?
Don't sleep with an opened mouth!
You should brush your teeth before going to sleep, okay?
You look more sleepy then me.
I am going to bed now. Are you not sleepy yet?
Don't forget to wear your PJ's before going to sleep!
Listen, you can't do anything weird while I am sleeping.
You should go to sleep first once in a while.
Won't you get lonely if I go to sleep first?
Be quiet while I am asleep, okay?

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