Her speech is curt but honest, plain but true, and above all given just for you. Her eyes may wander at times - there are a lot of beautiful MyRoids out there! - but at the end of the day, she knows she's all yours.


Personality Amount


The Masculine's type's Special job is Bartender.

Communicate: CallEdit

Choice Answer
Tickle Her. Enough! I said... haha... hahahaha!
Tweak her cheek. Ow! What are you doing?!
I'm home!! Nice work, [Your name]!
I'm off~! Okay then, go already.
Stroke her hair. ... Not bad.
Poke her cheek. Enough!
I'm hungry... Ahh, fine. Gimmie a second.
Massage her shoulders. Thanks. Feels great.
Hold hands. Hmm? What's the matter with you?
Brush her hair. Don't see anything strange back there, do you?
Hug her. Man, you scared me...
Alright, what do you want for dinner? Definitely meat! Meat! A barbeque!
What did you dream last night? I dreamt i was eating something really delicious.
Squish upper arm. ... What are you doing?
Clean my ear! Fine, whatever, okay... Lie down then.
I'll brush your teeth. This really tickles.
Kiss her cheek. Wh-what do you think you're doing?!
What does fall remind you of? I'm gonna sound like some sort of glutton here, but... fall's all about food, right?


Socializing - Starting Conversation
Man, I'm so beat~...
Hey, I heard a rumor that your master and my master were... and then... with the duck, and... all the way to France... *whisper whisper*
Can't call yourself a man if you don't get all revved up watching sports!
You don't call yourself a man...? Sure, well... whatever, that's not the point!
Such a cute outfit...
Me? Wear that? No way, never.
Wanna hang out?
Ever get that feeling where you just wanna fist-fight your biggest rival?
I just can't pull off those frilly outfits and stuff.
It's fun hanging with different MyRoids like this.
Any ideas how I can become... y'know, ladylike...?
Hey, I came to chat.
I can hang here, right?
Don't worry about me, I'm just about to leave anyway.
Came to hang out~. What do you wanna do?
Hey, just follow me!
What do I have to do to look good in outfits like yours...?
Your master seems nice.
You're so soft and fragile... I'm afraid you're gonna break or something.
I just realized... no one around here actually locks their doors, do they.
Hey, let's go out some time!
Isn't MMA the single greatest sport in the world?
Mind if I come in? Wow, you look as bored as I am.
I came to see you!
To see that cute face of yours, that is.
You're just... so cute... I just wanna take you home.
Woah, you're just... perfectly feminine.
MyRoids really are amazing...
Wow, you're so cute.
Really, so cute...
I'm not gonna go easy on you, okay? Think you can keep up?
I wonder what MyRoids really mean to their masters.
Mind if I touch your arm...?
How's your studying going?
Mine? Yeah, well... hm...
Erm... Don't really have anything to say.
Hey, looking good as always! Wow.
Just me and you~♪
Me and MyRoid~♪
Nice place. I can really see the owner's tastes.
I have arrived!
I'm kinda into hand-games recently. You know "patty cake"? Wanna give it a go?
Don't have much of a sweet tooth myself... Still got some cookies at home, actually. Want some?
Sleeping well?
Know where I can get any army-style outfits?
Sorry to just turn up like this.
[Myroid's name], you are... really something, huh...
Socializing - Response
I never lose. Never.
Dunno... Maybe [Master's Name] would know...?
Hey, don't feel down. You're well loved, y'know.
Game over, [Myroid's Name]!
You look happy today.
Love the hair... Can I touch?
Honestly, I do wonder sometimes. How can I become cute, like you...?
I kinda like it.
Wow, that's terrible. Keep on keeping on!
Just gotta get used to it.
Now that's not a bad idea.
I mean, I did expect as much.
... Pretty weird, huh?
Hearing that from cutie like you... You're making me blush.
Yeah... little worrying, huh?
Hey, come here...
Don't worry, I won't bite.
I'd love to travel somewhere far, far away.
Haha, you're not being honest, are you.
Hey, thanks for coming.
Well, what do you wanna do?
Guess I could be your knight in shining armor.
Now that's not a bad idea.
Not a bad idea, that. I should give it a try.
Time mends all wounds, man. Don't worry about it.
Is that... No, no idea. What do you mean?
Don't worry, if something ever did happen, I'd protect you.
You staying over, right?
Already laid out a bed.
Didn't think that kinda thing actually happened...
Never change, [Myroid's Name].
Thanks... I'm glad you came here today.
Wait wait wait, now you're just making things up!
Really? Never knew that.
Oh man, I get it now! Thanks!
Really? I had no idea.
Man, your hands are so warm.
Man, that is a sad story...
No way, you should be more confident in yourself!
No kidding? Yeah, well...
Putting to Sleep
You wanna join me?
Not even sleepy yet...
Come on, I can stay up just a little longer, right?
Well, if you'll excuse me...
Hey, sing me a song or something so I can fall asleep.
Time to recharge ready for tomorrow.
Feel like I'm gonna dream about something fun tonight.
That late already?
Let's keep hanging out in my dreams.
Already looking forward to seeing your smiling face again tomorrow, [Your Nickname].
Make sure you wake me up on time tomorrow.
Hey, stay with me till I fall asleep.
Come join me if you start to feel lonely.
Time for a little brea--- Ack, sorry.
Alright... man, wow...
Wow, I was completely off-guard.
I wasn't trying to slack off.
Don't get so mad!
It's just too easy!
D'you think it's useful having me around, [Your Nickname]?
Hey, something smells amazing!
Thanks for all your help and stuff... You know you can always count on me too, right?
Let's get some shopping done. Don't worry, I'll carry the bags.
Ahh, I just feel so out of it today.
Anything I can help you with?
Just can't find the energy to tidy...
Hmmm... Guess that's a pretty cool outfit.
How does a person be more ladylike anyway...?
Study, huh... Think I'll get a little exercise in first.