Default is one of 19 different Types that your MyRoid can have.

This is the Type that all MyRoids start with.

"Default" is the character set on the MyRoid when you activate her for the first time.

So, she is as newborn baby when you first meet her. She’ll learn a lot from you.

Well, there are people who say that the "Default" character is the cutest. And, she may say “Anyone who likes DEFAULT can’t be bad!!”.

–Doc, Hakase 01

Personality RequirementsEdit

Note: The Default Type doesn't requires any Personality Traits.

Personality Amount

Communicate: CallEdit

Choice Answer 1 Answer 2
Tickle her.He he he...It tickles! If you keep on tickling me... My face will remain smiling forever.
Tweak her cheek.Please stop it! It will stretch my cheeks! Uuh... Whaf are fyou foing?!
I'm home!!Welcome home, [Your Nickname] Welcome home!
Stroke her hair.What is it, so suddenly, [Your Nickname]? O, ohhh...?
Comb her hair. Th, thank you... [Your Nickname]
Poke her cheek.Ohhh...Ah...? O, ohhh...?
I'm hungry.I want to eat something sweet.
Massage her shoulder.Nmm... A little more gently... A bit more slowly please...
Hold hands.W...what's this all of a sudden? I will be embarrassed if you suddenly grab

my hand...

Comb her hair.It tickles a bit.
Hug her.[Your Nickname]... My heart is pounding... [Your Nickname], it's really embarrassing

when you suddenly hug me!

Today is a perfect day

for laundry.

The weather is beautiful, let's

take a walk!

I want to wear the clothes we bought the other day, so let's wash them!
Alright, what do you

want for dinner?

[Your Nickname], I'll make a very

delicious meal, just for you!

Since we had fried chicken last time...

Let's have some Mediterranean food today!

Why don't we rearrange

the room?

Let's rearrange the room to make it more cheerful! In fact, I was thinking that this table would look nice by the window!
What kind of cake do

you like?

I love sweet, white cakes... Any cake that [Your Nickname] chooses will be delicious.
There's juice and coffee,

which one do you want to drink?

I don't mind either!! I'll act like an adult and choose coffee!...... With plenty of milk and sugar.....

Communicate: TalkEdit

Default Communicate: Talk
When talking to your MyRoid, she'll behave in specific ways when her first Type is Default.
Note: Secondary types may activate during conversation.

Simple Conversations
So so.
I am good.
How can I help you, [Your Nickname].
I can hear you, [Your Nickname].
Leave it to me.
You look happy, [Your Nickname].

Communicate: Take a PictureEdit

Choice Answer
Look this way.Got it, Master!
Oh? Are these bags under your eyes?Eh? No.... There's no way....
Look slightly higher. Yeah, like this! Got it!
I want to shoot your profile. Like this?
Isn't your skin condition bad? That, that's such a terrible thing to say!
This expression is just what I'm looking for!I am so happy!
You are so photogenic. Yippy!
Yeah, nice. Hahaha, really?
Peace sign! Great~!That's good to hear!
Your eyes look naughty.They always look like this.
Is that your style?That's right. Someone made me were this.
I wanna take Doc's picture. What do you mean!?
I want to shoot Anna-chan. So why don't you?
I want to shoot Chie-chan. So you like girls with big eyes...Hm...
I love yoooooou!!I...I am shy, so please don't shout! I'm happy though
You are the cutest MyRoid in the world.Wha, whawha, what are you saying all of a sudden
You look cuter, when you don't look into the camera. Isn't it all the same thing...?
You look gorgeous today!I do my best!
You are so beautiful.Ahem!!
Your outfit is a travesty!You are the one who chose it...
You are the best MyRoid! Hearing this makes me blush so much...
I want to always have a picture of you with me. I'm happy!! It will last forever, right?

Communicate: TalkEdit

Default Communicate: Talk
When talking to your MyRoid, she'll behave in specific ways when her first Type is Default.
Note: Secondary types may activate during conversation.


Socializing - Starting Conversation
Let's have a girls-only night!
[MyRoid], it's MyRoid!
Ah! So cute!!
All MyRoids are sisters!
Can we meet tomorrow again?
Friendship puts heart at peace.
Hello! How are you?
How are you feeling?
How is it going recently?
Humph, what is wrong with you?!
I wasn't trying to copy you.
I am nervous...
I am not sure what to talk to you about...
I came to socialize!
I can see through all your tricks!
I feel great today!
I wanna eat some sweets~
I want to become cute like you.
Is this your preference?
Is your Master kind to you?
Knock knock! Who is there?
Let's get along~
Let's hang out together sometime!
Looks like [Master] cares about you a lot.
Master! This outfit is so cute!
Do you like such girls?
Look how sociable I am!
My Master is..... *whisper*
Oh, there is a need to repair skin...
Please come to visit us next time.
Please have some tea.
Robot dance competition is so much fun!
So you were also build by the Doc? I guess this makes us sisters!
Someone who likes default type can't be a bad person.
Thank you for your support.
The criminal is among us!
The weather today is lovely.
There is only one truth!
Today is a perfect day for a walk!
Today's weather is perfect for a walk!
What hobby do you have?
What should I do to become cuter?
Why would you do something like this?
Such a cute hairstyle!
You are such an adorable MyRoid!
You must be a little tired...
Your outfit is lovely!
Socializing - Response
Master! I want the same outfit, as [Myroid's Name]!
Yes! It is my pleasure!!
Yes, I am having fun!
Yes, I'm glad
These kind of conversations are so nice!
Thank you~
Thank you very much!
Studying is hard!
I think... I know what you mean.
Well... So-so.
I think that saying you and I are sisters is pretty natural.
What are you saying?
I would like to go somewhere
Don't push yourself... We can just stay like this for a bit.
Feeling good is the best!
Me? No, not really...
This is what my Master likes.
Have you heard this rumor about AMB company...?
I will do my best to become a MyRoid that will make [Master's Name] proud!
What are you looking at?
Yes! It would be great to meet again tomorrow.
It's a secret!
I agree!
Skin problems are troubling me...
I have to practice for the Robot Dance competition!!
This is not true!
Make yourself at home.
Oh my...
Let's do our best together!!
Well... I am a MyRoid after all.
I'm a little shy.
No way!
Finishing Girl's Talk
Hehe, I want to tell [Your Nickname] what we have talked about!
I want to talk some more, but I'll be going back now! See you~
When gifting another Myroid
As expected of master!
I will poke you when you are busy too.
We meet again, Mr. dabble.
It is really amusing to watch you, [Your Nickname]!
I am getting sleepy, but I will do my best to stay awake.
I am getting kind of hungry.
There is dust in the corner!
I am feeling good.
Is there anything I can do to help you, [Your Nickname]?
Robot dance tournament… rehearsal… hmm…
I wonder why the laundry pile never disappears.
It is a nice day.
What should we eat for dinner?
I am getting sleepy, but I will do my best to stay awake.
Putting to Sleep
Are we going to meet tomorrow too?
I wanna meet [Your Nickname] in my dream...
Wake me up tomorrow as well, okay, [Your Nickname]?
Please stay by my side, until I fall asleep...
Could I stay awake for a bit more?...Please...
See you tomorrow, [Your Nickname].
I want to stay awake for a while longer...
Can you sing me a lullaby, [Your Nickname]?
Is it bedtime already?
I will go recharge myself now.
[Your Nickname]... Can we sleep together?
Good night.