Childish is one of 19 different Types that your MyRoid can have.

She is innocent, moody, and a genuinely happy person.

And, she always gets into some kind of trouble in good faith, and gets others in trouble, but can’t be hated.

Also, the child-like action is really cute♪ My Sara-tan has "Childish" as the main character type. Her kind smile softens my feelings after work.

–Doc, Hakase 01

Personality RequirementsEdit

Personality Amount

Communicate: TalkEdit

Childish Communicate: Talk
When talking to your MyRoid, she'll behave in specific ways when her first Type is Childish.
Note: Secondary types may activate during conversation.


Socializing - Starting Conversation
[Her name]'s Master is [You], you know!♪
[MyRoid's name]!! You look so cute today too!!
[MyRoid's name]'s are so nice~ So nice~~!
[MyRoid's name]'s cheeks look so soft!♪ Can I touch them?
[MyRoid's name] is a childish type too? No! Of course I am not a Tomboy! Ohh, I am hungry...
Could we have some fun together?
Be my little sister, [MyRoid's name]!
Cake.... I want to have a sweet cake~~~! *stare*
Can I call you my older sister, [MyRoid's name]?...Can I?
Did you eat a sundae together with him?
Hey, [MyRoid's name]! It's been a while~~!
Hi-ho! Here I am! Let's chat~~
Hi-ho, [MyRoid's name]!!
Hmm, a walk! We should go for one! The weather is wonderful!
I am already sleepy, but since [Her name]'s Master insisted, so I came to chat with you.
I am falling for you, [MyRoid's name]! Do you feel the same way about me?♪
I came to chat with you, [MyRoid's name]!♪
I don't like rainy days. That humidity!!
I feel that my Master is only looking at you...
I like you! Can I come to play with you every day?
I totally understand what turns [Her Master's name] on.
I wanna socialize with [MyRoid's name] every day!
I wanna stay over at your place next time, but I don't know if my Master would let me...
If I could have a job where I would be surrounded by sweets, I'd be so happy!
My heart is about to be stolen~~!
My Master is like... ...studying and... ...what's up...'s secret, okay?
No, don't take [You] away from me!
No matter how cute you are, you better not get too friendly with my Master!
Oh, are we not gonna eat a cake? Was it a lie?
Oh, is it not a good timing? Should I come back later?
Oh, you are without [You] today?
Right now I'm obsessed with staying up to the last minute before the forced sleep!! My Master gets mad at me though...
Socializing is good, but I'm getting hungry!!
What kind of guy is [Her Master's name] ?
Wow, this chestnut cake is sooo good!~~
Yay! A date with [You]★
Socializing - Response
Seems like your Master, [Your Name], plays with you a lot.
[Master's Name] is really important for me♪ Really!!
I wonder if Master likes girls like [Your Myroid's Name]
What kind of life are you living?
I wish I could have another tummy, just for sweets!
[Your Myroid's Name]!! Relax, relax♪
If my Master, [Master's Name], sees you, he will definitely get excited!!
[Your Name]... Look after [Your Myroid's Name].
You agree? Just as I thought, that ice cream IS awesome~
Your clothes are really cute too.
If it rains, I'm gonna share one umbrella with [Master's Name]!!
It's so much fun talking to you, so I really don't wanna leave.

Can I stay for a bit longer?

What should I do to become more like you?
[Master's Name]!!

We've got guests!

Don't leave me alone~ I'm scared!

I wish [Your Name] was my Master too♪
Oh! You came to see me! I'm really happy~
[Your Myroid's Name]!! I wanted to see you today!!
Really? Master, we can't loose!
I want you to call me your sister♪
I am sure that frills will suit you well!
I'm so hungry that I could eat a horse!
I wanna travel with you!! ... Masters should stay at home!
Yay! I am so happy♪
Yay! You are praising me, right? Right....?
Oh... I will have to ask [Master's Name] first...
I wanna eat a sundae together!! Dibs on the cherry♪
You're doing your best for [Your Name]'s sake!!
Huh?? What relationship do you have with [Your Name]?
I will have my Master stroke my hair for doing my best at socializing!
My Master really wanted me to change my hairstyle, so I went to the Beauty Salon. What do you think?
[Your myroid's name]-chan, what do you want to do today?
I get sleepy when my battery is half empty... I wonder if I'm like a kid...
Um... I really want to eat something sweet!
You should come to chat tomorrow too~
Doesn't [Master's name] just look at you all the time?...
Of course!
Finishing Girl's Talk
When gifting another Myroid
I am trying to be seriously work here...!
[Master's nickname] has entrusted me with this task, so I can't screw up.
Hey. [Master's nickname] will be angry with me.
[Master's nickname]~~!!

The disturber is here~!

[Master's nickname] has told me, that the only ones who are ready to be bothered later, have a right to bother others...
Zzz… Zzz…
Mm… I’m a bit sleepy.
Playing with [Your Nickname] is more fun than studying!
I’m getting a bit hungry.
Will it be sunny tomorrow?
… I, I’m not sleeping!!
[Your Nickname]! Let’s play together!
I don't like working, cause it makes me tired.
Ohh! [Your Nickname], you're not thinking about the girl we met yesterday, right!?
[Your Nickname], I want sweets, not than vegetables!
I don't like working, cause it makes me tired.
Putting to Sleep
Don't wonder off anywhere, while I sleep, okay?
Tomorrow, wake me up gently, like you always do.
Please look at me until I fall sleep.
I will cry if you don't stay with me...
I'm going to sleep now...
I can't wait to meet you in my dream...
I want to stay with you until I nod off...
Hey, I am not even tired yet!
Umm, sing me a lullaby please...
Must I go to sleep so early?
See you tomorrow, [Your Nickname]♪
...Don't cheat on me while I am in a hibernation mode...
Let's sleep together, [Your Nickname]...