A mischievous, excitable type! She speaks with a bit of an accent, and seems to hold a lot of pride for her hometown. Regional foods, regional jokes and a lot of regional love. And blimey, does she not 'alf fancy you, mate!

Personality Amount

Communicate: CallEdit

Choice Answer
Tickle her If you wanna make me laugh, tell me a joke or somethin'!


Socializing - Starting Conversation
How're you feelin'?
Or maybe I don't even need to ask...
You've got the kinda face that launches ships, [Myroid's name].
I get so nervous visitin' other people's houses, y'know?
How's things? Going good?
In the end, humans and MyRoids all want the same thing... love!!
... So I'm told ♪
I'm comin' back tomorrow~.
And the day after~.
And the day after that~.
I'm an amazin' tickler y'know... I'll make you laugh yourself inside out~ ♪
I'm home~ ♪
... Come on, say somethin'!!
Did you call for me~?
You shouldn't underestimate the Sleepy Virus!!
Make sure [Master's name] always puts you to sleep properly~!
MyRoids chattin' together like this is a real sign of peace, innit?
Hey, did you know? My mum was the first ever person to make bangers an' mash~! Nah, only joking.
I'm a MyRoid, for starters!
I bet that outfit cost a few bob.
I forgot to put on my shoes~!!
How are you doin'? All well?
Sounds sketchy to me, mate~~!
Proper sketchy~~~!
[MyRoid's name]~ ♪
Can I come sleep over tonight?
There's just somethin' real profound and meaningful about Groucho glasses, don't you think?!
Huhu... don't tell your master this, but... and then... at the time of night, and... I wasn't even... and I was all, "you spanner~"!!
Business goin' good~?
All I wanna do is make people laugh, y'know?!
I'm wearin' this outfit cause my master likes it...
Only us MyRoids can understand what it's like, eh?
You are one gorgeous MyRoid~!
Like a little China doll~.
I've come for a chat~.
Unless I'm botherin' you...?
Know why the sky's blue? 'Cause I spilled paint all over it~~...
Lucky it wasn't the black paint, eh?!
[MyRoid's name]~.
... Huhu, I just like sayin' your name.
Here comes the cheekiest MyRoid in town, [your MyRoid's name]!!
Can you Recommend me that outfit~~!?
I wanna try it on~~.
How about you, [Master's name]? If there's anythin' you wanna tell me, just tell me, okay~?
Let's help our friendship blossom some, [Myroid's name]~!
[Myroid's name], you really are just a perfect beauty!! If there's ever a "Proper Stunner" category in the MOE Contest, you'll win it hands down!!
I thought I saw a cute little kitten late last night... turns out it was just a carrier bag...
I didn't even know stunners like you existed! MyRoids are amazin' things, ain't they~?
I came 'ere to parlay, my dear fellow. A very good day to you, and how.
My master always tells me I should be workin' studyin', workin', studyin'... it's annoyin'!
Woah, look~!!
A MyRoid, a real MyRoid~!!
... Wait, I'm a MyRoid too~~!!
Hello [Myroid's name]~ ♪
Came over to see you~ ♪
Hey, d'you wanna get some bangers an' mash with me?
How about hangin' out with me~?
Chattin', havin' fun, hangin' out~!
MyRoids can't choose their masters, but then masters can't choose their MyRoids neither! At least we're all in the same boat~ ♪
Alright? How's it goin'~?
You look like you're proper good at asking for prezzies!!
I bet you clearly remember exactly how many times you've asked, too~!
Nice weather today, innit.
Don't go thinkin' I'm always eatin' fish 'n' chips, alright?!... I love bangers 'n' mash, too!
I've gotta finish all this workin' and studyin' before the footy game tonight!
Lookin' as stunnin' as ever, [Your Nickname]!
Ahh... That's no good~...
You certainly look very happy. Think up a funny joke or somethin'?
There's just so much bad news recently, in't there? Be careful out there, [Your Nickname].
You what~?!
Somethin' the matter? You're starin' at me.
If you're goin' to change my outfit, make it somethin' cute~!