• We should make a simple javascript point planner to stick on the Type pageĀ :o It would make planning out a Myroid really easy compared to pulling and setting up an excel sheet.

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    • I'm trying to make a google sheet but this is all I've got and it's not very good. If anyone could make a sheet that'd be really useful.

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    • I wrote a javascipt interactive planner for this, but I need to use a MediaWiki page to embed it? Or something- But apparently MediaWiki pages are admin only, can I get some help on this from an admin?

      Here's my code if you're interested (not that it works properly on jsfiddle D:)

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    • Yeah, it doesn't let just anyone post any kind of scripting code. You can imagine how bad an idea that would be.

      You can try and get it to work on Special:MyPage/wikia.js, it'll let you tweak it work on wikia, but only you can see it. I can try and add it to the types page or something if you get it working.

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    • Tried playing around with user pages, it didn't work out very well D: I'm using <img> tags, so it'll need custom html as well - I think I'm supposed to create 2 MediaWiki pages, one to contain the custom HTML and one for the custom JS, and then use the <.verbatim> tag on the types page to sorta "embed" the HTML from the MediaWiki page.

      That aside, here's a preliminary version if anyone wants to seeĀ :O It has the main functionality - limits, points left, etc - and type highlighting for when you achieve a type; I will probably add a few more things to it, namely +100 +10 buttons, maybe common distributions (most types, all types), possibly a save function (?).

      Just download the HTML file and open it with any web browser (I think, tested in IE and Chrome). The JS is currently being hosted on my drive, and I would host the page too, but that would require me changing few things to satisfy Google Drive hosting's https standard... lazy -3-

      No virus, don't worry, here's the JS if you don't trust me:

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    • I've gotten up to a more or less completed version, and figured out how to stick the code up on jsfiddle so it works without people having to download; you can take a look here:

      Most of the functionality works, except for a few aesthetic things that I had to take care of in CSS- I'd really appreciate it if people play around with it a bit, to try and find any bugs I haven't dealt with yet so I can iron them out. Otherwise, it's more or less ready to be posted, I can send the html and js anytime to an admin to deal with the MediaWiki stuff.

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