The different shops allows you buy items and clothes or change your MyRoid's appearance in exchange for Moen (M) and AP.

By purchasing items, you gain CAN which can be used in the exclusive Candy Shop.

You can also buy the same item that another MyRoid is wearing by tapping the "Check" icon and selecting any item marked as 'Purchase'. This way, that MyRoid's Master also gains some CAN.

Shop List

Name Description
Shop01 Beauty Salon Hair and Eyes customization.
Shop02Girltendo Usable items.
Shop03 Studio Sakura Clothes and backgrounds.
Shop04Candy Exchange CAN for Clothes and items.
Shop06AIMI Shop Exchange Clothes for new items.
Shop05Exciting Lucky Bags Try your luck with the Lucky Bags.
  • Moen, CAN, AP options.
Shop07 Nameplate Shop Nameplate customization.
Removed Shops
Doctor TicketPremium Shop Changed into the Mix Gacha.

Limited Period Shop List

Beginner's Shop Banner

  • Available for 72 hours after registration.

Kanna's Secret Shop Banner

  • Available weekends.