Save the Kingdom Top

Save the Kingdom

Trouble in MOEKingdom! Endless amounts of mice have invaded the land. The Queen requests your help; in return she allows you to govern the land for royal rewards. The main objective of the event is to gather Proofs of Loyalty. These are obtained by either clearing stages or getting rid of mice. You recover 1 stamina every 3 minutes, and your base maximum stamina is 60. Gather rates for stages are always the same (5.45%).

Stage Clear AwardsEdit

Proofs of Loyalty Rank Reward Image
100 1 1000M Moen
300 2 10CAN CAN
500 3 Vintage Chair Blue Vintage Chair Blue
1000 4 Accessory Gacha Ticket Free Accessory Gacha Ticket
1500 5 Noble Crown Noble Crown
2000 6 Energy Drink Energy Drink
3000 7 Noble Queen Noble Queen
4000 8 Outfit Gacha Ticket Free Outfit Gacha Ticket
5000 9 Energy Drink Energy Drink
6000? 10 Antique Table Blue Antique Table Blue
Endless Stage (∞)

Special EventsEdit

Sarali & IraraEdit

During the event you may encounter Sarali and Irara. Sometimes Sarali will recover some points of Stamina and Irara may give you 1 Trap.

Horde of MiceEdit

The main focus of the event is the capture of the rampaging mice.

You have 3 traps that can be used to capture up to 300 mice each, or 1200 when you use all 3 traps at the same time. After used, you recover 1 trap each 20 minutes.

The number of mice you encounter is fixed: 300, 600 or 1500. You may also encounter giant mice, numbering 3000.

Each encounter is counted as one different request, and you have 2 hours to capture all the mice to gain the prizes. After capturing at least 300 you can ask for help from other players to capture the remaining ones.

The players that are able to help you is made of 5 random players and the last 5 players that socialized with you.

The amount of Proofs of Loyalty gained from completing each request depends on your actions:

Award Normal Mice
(300, 600, 1500)
Giant Mice
Request complete 1 2
Capture attempts 1 × attempts 2 × attempts
Helped 1 2
Helped first 1 2
Last mouse bonus 1 2
Caught the most 1 2

Tie-up GachaEdit

For this event, the Tie-Up is Colorful Idol Gacha.

Item Image Bonus
Colorful Checked BeretColorful Checked Beret RedColorful Checked Beret BlueColorful Checked Beret GreenColorful Checked Beret Yellow Stamina +1
Starlight Idol Starlight Idol CyanStarlight Idol GreenStarlight Idol PurpleStarlight Idol Red
Starlight Idol OrangeStarlight Idol BlueStarlight Idol BlackStarlight Idol Turquoise
Stamina +1
Punkish Idol Punkish Idol RedPunkish Idol PurplePunkish Idol PinkPunkish Idol Yellow
Punkish Idol GreenPunkish Idol BluePunkish Idol BlackPunkish Idol Crimson
Stamina +1
Colorful Checked Idol Colorful Checked Idol RedColorful Checked Idol BlueColorful Checked Idol GreenColorful Checked Idol Yellow Stamina +2
Marching Idol Marching Idol RedMarching Idol BlueMarching Idol GreenMarching Idol Black Stamina +2
World on Stage World on Stage SkyWorld on Stage PinkWorld on Stage Mint Stamina +8

Early Clear CampaignEdit

Condition: Collect 300 Proofs of Loyalty in 48 hours.

Sacred Swordsman Red

Sacred Swordsman Red

Sacred Swordsman Red

Event Limited Gacha/Item TraderEdit

You can use 3 Proofs of Loyalty that you have collected to play the Event Limited Gacha. The items gained from this gacha can't be exchanged in the Mixer.

At the Item Trader you can exchange a certain number of Proofs of Loyalty for one specific item. However, Sacred Swordsman Green is exclusive to the gacha.

Image Item Type Proofs of Loyalty
Sacred Swordsman Green Sacred Swordsman Green Outfit N/A
Energy Drink Energy Drink Consumable N/A
Instant Lieutenant Instant Lieutenant Consumable N/A
Diligent Girl 5 Diligent Girl 5 Consumable N/A
Diligent Girl 10 Diligent Girl 10 Consumable N/A
Business Lady 5 Business Lady 5 Consumable N/A
Business Lady 10 Business Lady 10 Consumable N/A
Vintage Chair Red Vintage Chair Red Back Accessory 1000
Queen's Circlet Ruby Queen's Circlet Ruby Head Accessory 20
Queen's Circlet Sapphire Queen's Circlet Sapphire Head Accessory 20
Queen's Circlet Amber Queen's Circlet Amber Head Accessory 20
Queen's Circlet Amethyst Queen's Circlet Amethyst Head Accessory 20
Gears of Time Black Steel Gears of Time Black Steel Other 20
Gears of Time Blue Steel Gears of Time Blue Steel Other 20
Gears of Time White Silver Gears of Time White Silver Other 20
Gears of Time Copper Gears of Time Copper Other 20
Noble Casual Blue Noble Casual Blue Outfit 210
Noble Casual Red Noble Casual Red Outfit 210
Noble Casual Green Noble Casual Green Outfit 210
Noble Casual Purple Noble Casual Purple Outfit 210
Noble Casual Pink Noble Casual Pink Outfit 210
Noble Casual Brown Noble Casual Brown Outfit 210
Noble Casual Black Noble Casual Black Outfit 210
Noble Casual White Noble Casual White Outfit 210
Elf Dancer Blue Elf Dancer Blue Outfit 100
Elf Dancer Green Elf Dancer Green Outfit 100
Elf Dancer Pink Elf Dancer Pink Outfit 100
Elf Dancer Black Elf Dancer Black Outfit 100
Elf Dancer Yellow Elf Dancer Yellow Outfit 100
Elf Dancer White Elf Dancer White Outfit 100
Elf Dancer Red Elf Dancer Red Outfit 100
Elf Dancer Purple Elf Dancer Purple Outfit 100

Ranking AwardsEdit

Ranking is based on the total number of Proofs of Loyalty you have gained.


Princess Knight

Princess Knight

Princess Knight,
Princess Crown

Princess Crown

Princess Crown


Princess Knight


Princess Crown


Diligent Girl 5 (×5)

Negotiator Hermit 5 (×5)

Daily Ranking AwardsEdit

The daily ranking resets every day at 05:00 AM JST.

1~20, 777Edit

Antique Table Red

Antique Table Red

Antique Table Red