You gain Sarali's Points when playing Gachas. During the Sarali Points Increase Campaign the amount of points gained is increased.

The first free play and playing with free tickets still gives you points.

The amount of points you receive are different for different Gachas, and you can't use the points gained in one Gacha in a different Gacha.

You get Bonus Points when you receive clothes that you have gotten before.

In exchange for 300 points, you can get 1 Sarali's Present. There are 2 types of presents: Shared and Individual. The Shared Presents is common for all Gachas and its contents gets updated from time to time. The Individual Presents is limited to one particular Gacha and can't be gained anywhere else.

Sarali's PointsEdit

Here's the amount of points gained when playing different Gachas.

Gacha Type Normal Outfit Rare Outfit Rare++ Outfit Bonus Points
Bonus Points
Normal Gacha 100 150 200 100 200
Accessory Gacha 30 60 90 50 100
Limited Gacha 200 250 300 200 300
Collaboration Gacha 200 250 300 200 300

Shared Sarali's ClothesEdit

Image Item Type
Fraulein Pink 606161 1 Fraulein Pink Outfit
Fraulein Yellow 606162 1 Fraulein Yellow Outfit
Fraulein Green 606163 1 Fraulein Green Outfit
Fraulein Black 606164 1 Fraulein Black Outfit
Argyle Vest Blue 606171 1 Argyle Vest Blue Outfit
Argyle Vest Red 606172 1 Argyle Vest Red Outfit
Argyle Vest Green 606173 1 Argyle Vest Green Outfit
Argyle Vest Purple 606174 1 Argyle Vest Purple Outfit
Heart-warming Roomwear Pink 606181 1 Heart-warming Roomwear Pink Outfit
Heart-warming Roomwear Purple 606182 1 Heart-warming Roomwear Purple Outfit
Heart-warming Roomwear Blue 606183 1 Heart-warming Roomwear Blue Outfit
Heart-warming Roomwear Yellow 606184 1 Heart-warming Roomwear Yellow Outfit
Colorful Outfit Emerald 606191 1 Colorful Outfit Emerald Outfit
Colorful Outfit Pink 606192 1 Colorful Outfit Pink Outfit
Colorful Outfit Yellow 606193 1 Colorful Outfit Yellow Outfit
Colorful Outfit Gray 606194 1 Colorful Outfit Gray Outfit

Shared Sarali's AccessoriesEdit

Image Item Type
Gentle Cap Orange 17501 1 Gentle Cap Orange Head Accessory
Gentle Cap Red 17502 1 Gentle Cap Red Head Accessory
Gentle Cap Green 17503 1 Gentle Cap Green Head Accessory
Gentle Cap Blue 17504 1 Gentle Cap Blue Head Accessory
Gentle Cap Emerald 17505 1 Gentle Cap Emerald Head Accessory
Gentle Cap Purple 17506 1 Gentle Cap Purple Head Accessory
Gentle Cap Black 17507 1 Gentle Cap Black Head Accessory
Gentle Cap Pink 17508 1 Gentle Cap Pink Head Accessory
Stylish Canotier Blue 17511 1 Stylish Canotier Blue Head Accessory
Stylish Canotier Pink 17512 1 Stylish Canotier Pink Head Accessory
Stylish Canotier Yellow 17513 1 Stylish Canotier Yellow Head Accessory
Stylish Canotier White 17514 1 Stylish Canotier White Head Accessory
Shoulder Tanuki Brown 303821 1 Shoulder Tanuki Brown Other
Shoulder Tanuki Pink 303822 1 Shoulder Tanuki Pink Other
Shoulder Tanuki Blue 303823 1 Shoulder Tanuki Blue Other
Shoulder Tanuki Yellow 303824 1 Shoulder Tanuki Yellow Other