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Moe Can Land Top

Moe Can Land!

It's an event about an amusement park. Score points to go up in rank!


Use your Stamina points to explore the world of Moecanchange. As you proceed to the Area, you can play various minigames. If you win you can get Land pt, which you can use to change in for exclusive clothes. Or you can use 3 points for slots. Maybe you want to use your points to win the kart game!

You can get 2 free magical Gacha tickets to get cool clothes. They give you more land points and stamina when wearing.


These are the games you can encounter when walking. If you win, you get Land points and clothes by 5 wins, 10, 30, 50 and more.

Rock, paper, scissors.

Measure the weight.

Create your story.

Cross the bridge.


Land Points Exchange Edit

Note that exchanging Land Points does not lower your rank, rank is based on total Points obtained.

Image Item Land Points Needed Type
600171 Pure Heart Guide Blue 1200 Outfit
600172 Pure Heart Guide Red 1400 Outfit
600173 Pure Heart Guide Yellow 1400 Outfit
600174 Pure Heart Guide Green 1400 Outfit
600175 Pure Heart Guide Pink 1200 Outfit
600176 Pure Heart Guide Purple 1200 Outfit
600177 Pure Heart Guide Black 1400 Outfit
600178 Pure Heart Guide White 1200 Outfit
Image Item Land Points Needed Type
600181 Sunshine Umbrella Girl Blue 1500 Outfit
600182 Sunshine Umbrella Girl Purple 1500 Outfit
600183 Sunshine Umbrella Girl Pink 1700 Outfit
600184 Sunshine Umbrella Girl Red 1500 Outfit
600185 Sunshine Umbrella Girl Green 1700 Outfit
600186 Sunshine Umbrella Girl Yellow 1700 Outfit
600187 Sunshine Umbrella Girl Black 1700 Outfit
600188 Sunshine Umbrella Girl White 1500 Outfit
Image Item Land Points Needed Type
600196 MOE Can Land Manager Brown 1300 Outfit
600197 MOE Can Land Manager Black 1300 Outfit
600198 MOE Can Land Manager White 1300 Outfit
Image Item Land Points Needed Type
600202 Parade Star Pink 1300 Outfit
600203 Parade Star Orange 1300 Outfit
600204 Parade Star Red 1500 Outfit
600205 Parade Star Green 1300 Outfit
600206 Parade Star Purple 1500 Outfit
600207 Parade Star Black 1300 Outfit
Download Parade Star Blue 1500 Outfit
600208 Parade Star White 1500 Outfit
Image Item Land Points Needed Type
600212 Acrobatic Dancer Yellow 1400 Outfit
600213 Acrobatic Dancer Green 1400 Outfit
600214 Acrobatic Dancer Purple 1400 Outfit

Early Clear Campaign Edit


The Wind of Memories

Condition: Clear stage 4: East Area within 72 after you participate in the event.

Reward: The Wind of Memories

Ranking RewardsEdit


Pure Monochrome Icon
Pure Monochrome,
Midsummer Sunflowers Icon
Midsummer Sunflowers


Pure Monochrome


Midsummer Sunflowers


Diligent Girl 5 (x5)

Negotiator Hermit 5 (x5)

Stage Clear BonusEdit

Image Item Stage Land Points
600217 Acrobatic Dancer Black Entrance 300
600228 Miracle Starlight Azure South 700
600193 MOE Can Land Manager Green South East 1000
600288 Grand Finale Green East 1000
600211 Acrobatic Dancer Orange North East 1000
600227 Miracle Starlight Black North 2000
600194 MOE Can Land Manager Purple North West 2000
600215 Acrobatic Dancer Pink West 2500
600195 MOE Can Land Manager Peach South West 2500
600283 Grand Finale Orange Front Plaza 3000
600226 Miracle Starlight Light Blue Moe Can Castle 5000

All Stage Clear BonusEdit

Our little Secret Green Sky Purple Blue Peach Red Jade Black
Image 600276 600271 600274 600272 600275 600273 600277 600278

Achievement AwardsEdit

  • Win in the mini-games for 10 times: MOE Can Land Manager Red
  • Win in the mini-games for 30 times: Acrobatic Dancer Blue
  • Win in the mini-games for 50 times: Energy Drink
  • Win in the mini-games for 75 times: Miracle Starlight Purple
  • Win in the mini-games for 100 times: Grand Finale Yellow
  • Win in the mini-games for 150 times: Mr. Sandman
  • Win in the mini-games for 200 times: MOE Can Land Manager Blue
  • Win in the mini-games for 250 times: Acrobatic Dancer Aqua
  • Win in the mini-games for 300 times: Sunny Honey
  • Win in the mini-games for 400 times: Grand Finale Aqua
  • Win in the mini-games for 500 times: Miracle Starlight Pink
  • Win in the mini-games for 600 times: Grand Finale Pink