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MOE Can Party!

Do various preparations in order to start a party. Collect candies called "Bobomps" along the way, exchange them for various items.

In total, there are 5 activities. Your progress in each activity is counted by steps. It takes a certain number of steps to advance to the next activity. Upon completing all 5 activities the number of steps is reduced to 0, you'll be ranked as "A" and you can go back to the first activity to keep collecting Bobomps and improve your rank to "S" and "SS". After completing all activities 3 times, you'll only gain Bobomps for further completing the activities.

A Peach Bun can used to triple the amount of Bobomps you find for 10 minutes, and you'll not encounter Traps and Quizzes during this time.

Area Clear AwardsEdit

Activity Total steps Award Type Image
Shopping 75 Negotiator Hermit 30 ×1
50 Bobomps
Consumable Negotiator Hermit 30
Cooking 200 All-Purpose Display Standby
75 Bobomps
Other All-Purpose Display Standby
Baking 440 Bright Shine Pink
100 Bobomps
Outfit Bright Shine Pink
Cleaning 800 Shiny Crown Turquoise
125 Bobomps
Face acc. Shiny Crown Turquoise
Decorating 1280 Question Time On Stage
150 Bobomps
Wallpaper Question Time On Stage
Activity Total steps Award Type Image
Shopping ×2 75 Spirited Megaphone 30 ×1
50 Bobomps
Consumable Spirited Megaphone 30
Cooking ×2 200 Question Time Final Answer
75 Bobomps
Wallpaper Question Time Final Answer
Baking ×2 445 Shiny Crown Amber
100 Bobomps
Face acc. Shiny Crown Amber
Cleaning ×2 800 All-Purpose Display Circuit
125 Bobomps
Other All-Purpose Display Circuit
Decorating ×2 1280 Bright Shine Yellow
150 Bobomps
Outfit Bright Shine Yellow
Activity Total steps Award Type Image
Shopping ×3 75 Negotiator Hermit 60 ×1
50 Bobomps
Consumable Negotiator Hermit 60
Cooking ×3 200 Shiny Crown Sapphire
75 Bobomps
Face acc. Shiny Crown Sapphire
Baking ×3 445 All-Purpose Display Power Down
100 Bobomps
Other All-Purpose Display Power Down
Cleaning ×3 800 Bright Shine Blue
125 Bobomps
Outfit Bright Shine Blue
Decorating ×3 1280 Question Time The End
150 Bobomps
Wallpaper Question Time The End

Special EventsEdit


There are times where your Myroid will get confused. Instead of the 3 standard arrows, there will be 2 reddish arrows and one blue arrow. Upon tapping the blue one, you will be awarded with some Bobomps.


Chie-chan may pop up and ask you a question. Get it right, and you will be awarded with a substantial amount of Bobomps.

Question Answer
[Migas], [Caldo Gallego] and [Sobao] are dishes from which country? Spain
An [anemometer] is used to measure what? Wind speed
Bronze is made from what two metals? Copper and tin
Business Lady helps you by...? Extending Work Time
Ceroplastics is the art of modelling in what material? Wax
Chromophobia is a fear of what? Colors
Diligent Girl helps you by...? Extending Study Time
How many bones does an adult human body have? 206
How many bytes in a kilobyte? 1024
How many colors in a rainbow? 7
How many curves are in a standard paper clip? 3
How many dwarfs were there in the Snow White fairytale? 7
How many heads did the mythological Cerberus have? 3
How many keys does an average piano have? 88
How many legs does a spider have? 8
How many millimeters are in 1 meter? 1000
How many months have 31 days? 7
How many players are there in a basketball team? 5
How many points on a compass are there? 32
How many prefectures are there in Japan? 47
How many Prime Ministers did Japan have in the last 5 years? 6
How many sides does a hexagon have? 6
How many squares are there on a chess board? 64
How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon? 3
How many timezones are there in Russia? 9
How many US states have names beginning with the letter [C]? 3
How many wives did Henry the Eighth have? 6
How often is a national census held in the United Kingdom? Every 10 years
In a rainbow, what color is the outer part of the arch? Red
In Cinderella, what time was the spell going to break? 12 a.m.
In Greek mythology, who flew too close to the sun so that the wax on his wings began to melt? Icarus
In what year was Shakespeare born? 1564
In which century was DNA isolated for the first time? 19th
In which European city is the Parthenon? Athens
Negotiator Hermit helps you by...? Reducing work time
Oceans hold what percentage of the Earth's surface water? 97%
On what date is Halloween? October 31st
On what date is U.S Independence day? July 4th
On what day is MOE day? October 10th
Pittsburgh is a major city in which US state? Pennsylvania
Spirited Megaphone helps you by...? Reducing Study Time
The oceans make up what percentage of the earth's surface? 71%
The Statue of Liberty was a gift from people of which country? France
Vexillology is the study of what? Flags
What are hot springs called in Japan? Onsen
What bird is used as the sign of peace? Dove
What chemical element has the symbol [Hg]? Merury
What color comes from mixing blue and yellow? Green
What color is a lemon? Yellow
What color is the pigment chlorophyll? Green
What color is the tongue of a giraffe? Purplish-black
What day is Children's Day in Japan? May 5th
What does the musical term [Adagio] mean? Slow
What is a [Hardingfele]? Instrument
What is a [katana]? Japanese Sword
What is a chipolata? Sausage
What is Anna and Kanna's last name? Moeki
What is Au short for on the periodic table? Gold (Aurum)
What is cream made from? Milk
What is Doc's first name? Lamp
What is required for most plants to grow? Sunlight
What is the all-male Japanese theater called? Kabuki
What is the biggest Japanese prefecture? Hokkaido
What is the capital of Australia? Canberra
What is the capital of Canada? Ottawa
What is the capital of Egypt? Cairo
What is the capital of Germany? Berlin
What is the capital of Italy? Rome
What is the capital of Portugal? Lisbon
What is the currency in Russia? Russian Ruble
What is the currency of Egypt? Egyptian Pound
What is the currency of Japan? Yen
What is the deepest lake on the Earth? Baikal
What is the first capital of Japan? Nara
What is the hardest rock? Diamond
What is the higher number visible on a dart board? 20
What is the highest mountain on Earth? Mount Everest
What is the largest island in the world? Greenland
What is the longest river in the world? The Nile
What is the main ingredient of omelet? Egg
What is the most common language in the world? Chinese (Mandarin)
What is the name of Anna's little sister? Kanna
What is the name of the rapid transit system in Paris? Metro
What is the only country crossed by both the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn? Brazil
What is the only mammal that can fly? Bat
What is the Roman numeral for [1000]? M
What is the smallest ocean in the world? Arctic Ocean
What is the square root of 9? 3
What is the sum of the angles in a triangle? 180 degrees
What is the value of roman numeral [L]? 50
What is the voltage in the USA? 120V
What item doubles MyRoid's Study/Work experience? Double Master
What mammal can run the fastest? Cheetah
What nationality was Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci? Italian
What type of animal is a gecko? Lizard
What was the first animal in space? Fruit fly
What was Tokyo called before the Meiji period? Edo
What's the name of the famous big clock in London? Big Ben
When did the Meiji restoration start in Japan? 1868
Where do polar bears live? North pole
Where is the smallest bone in the body? Ear
Where was karate developed? Ryukyu Islands
Which animal can't jump? Elephant
Which cat has no tail? Manx
Which country has the highest population density? Monaco
Which country has the largest population? China
Which country is Warsaw in? Poland
Which is Japan's national dress? Kimono
Which item resets MyRoid's looks and personality? Default Drop
Which item will cure MyRoid's virus condition? Medical Robot
Which item will let you wake up your MyRoid anytime? Sunny Honey
Which item will recover your Stamina during an Event? Energy Drink
Which nuts are used to make marzipan? Almonds
Which of these is not a primary color? Green
Which plant has the most vitamin C? Kakadu Plum
Which shop has useable useful items? Girltendo
Which South American country is named after a famous explorer? Columbia
Which tree grows from an acorn? Oak
Who gave his name to the month of July? Julius Caesar
Who is selling outfits? Sakura
Who is the god of war in Greek mythology? Ares
Who is the goddess of love in Roman mythology? Venus
Who stole fire from the gods in Greek mythology? Prometheus
Who was the first man in space? Yuri Gagarin
Who was the first man to step on the Moon? Armstrong
Who was the first MyRoid? Sarali
Who was the first president of the United States? George Washington

Special EndingEdit

In case you completed all the 5 activities at least once, a special page can be accessed after the event ending, to celebrate your party.

MOE Can Party Special Banner

Time for some party fun?

Girls party

Looks like the party was a great success!!
[Master], [MyRoid], thank you for making this happen♪
You guys are amazing!
We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Tie-up GachaEdit

For this event, the Tie-Up Gacha is Mythos Reborn and Defiant Soul. Depending on what you have, you are awarded different effects. You do not have to have it equipped, you only need to own the item. The bonuses stack, but the maximum you can have is Bobomps +120 and Steps +88.

Item Bonus
Good Luck Cat Red Bobomps +5
Good Luck Cat Black Bobomps +5
Kasaya Purple Bobomps +5
Kasaya Green Bobomps +5
Brilliant Lanterns Yellow Steps +4
Brilliant Lanterns Blue Steps +4
Crow Familiars Black Steps +4
Crow Familiars White Steps +4
Modern Folding Screen Blue Steps +4
Modern Folding Screen Yellow Steps +4
Occult Traveler Blue Bobomps +20, Steps +10
Occult Travel Red Bobomps +20, Steps +10
Cat Devil Rocker Yellow Bobomps +5
Cat Devil Rocker Black Bobomps +5
Gothic Punk Rabbit Purple Bobomps +5
Gothic Punk Rabbit Black Bobomps +5
Elegant Sofa Black Steps +4
Elegant Sofa Red Steps +4
Chic Wine Table Black Steps +4
Chic Wine Table Red Steps +4
Punkish Room Noon Steps +4
Punkish Room Evening Steps +4
Punkish Requiem Red Bobomps +20, Steps +10
Punkish Requiem Black Bobomps +20, Steps +10

Early Clear CampaignEdit

Condition: Clear first 3 stages in 72 hours

Little Princess

Little Princess

Little Princess

Bobomps Exchange Edit

Note that exchanging Bobomps does not lower your rank, rank is based on total Bobomps obtained.

Image Item Bobomps Needed Type
Dream Jewel Dress Pink Dream Jewel Dress Pink 3500 Outfit
Dream Jewel Dress Blue Dream Jewel Dress Blue 3500 Outfit
Dream Jewel Dress Yellow Dream Jewel Dress Yellow 3500 Outfit
Dream Jewel Dress Purple Dream Jewel Dress Purple 3500 Outfit
Dream Jewel Dress Green Dream Jewel Dress Green 3500 Outfit
Dream Jewel Dress Black Dream Jewel Dress Black 3500 Outfit
Dream Jewel Dress White Dream Jewel Dress White 3500 Outfit
Image Item Bobomps Needed Type
Hydrangea Hat Black Hydrangea Hat Black 800 Head Acc.
Hydrangea Hat Red Hydrangea Hat Red 800 Head Acc.
Hydrangea Hat Pink Hydrangea Hat Pink 800 Head Acc.
Hydrangea Hat Blue Hydrangea Hat Blue 800 Head Acc.
Hydrangea Hat Green Hydrangea Hat Green 800 Head Acc.
Hydrangea Hat Yellow Hydrangea Hat Yellow 800 Head Acc.
Hydrangea Hat White Hydrangea Hat White 800 Head Acc.
Image Item Bobomps Needed Type
Velvet Frills Black Velvet Frills Black 2250 Outfit
Velvet Frills Red Velvet Frills Red 2250 Outfit
Velvet Frills Pink Velvet Frills Pink 2250 Outfit
Velvet Frills Blue Velvet Frills Blue 2250 Outfit
Velvet Frills Green Velvet Frills Green 2250 Outfit
Velvet Frills Yellow Velvet Frills Yellow 2250 Outfit
Velvet Frills White Velvet Frills White 2250 Outfit
Image Item Bobomps Needed Type
Silk Dream Deep Purple Silk Dream Deep Purple 1500 Outfit
Silk Dream Lime Green Silk Dream Lime Green 1500 Outfit
Silk Dream Fresh Peach Silk Dream Fresh Peach 1500 Outfit
Silk Dream Light Blue Silk Dream Light Blue 1500 Outfit
Silk Dream Pearl White Silk Dream Pearl White 1500 Outfit
Silk Dream Wine Red Silk Dream Wine Red 1500 Outfit
Silk Dream Noble Black Silk Dream Noble Black 1500 Outfit
Image Item Bobomps Needed Type
Let's Party Blue Let's Party Blue 1000 Head Acc.
Let's Party Yellow Let's Party Yellow 1000 Head Acc.
Let's Party Purple Let's Party Purple 1500 Head Acc.
Let's Party Red Let's Party Red 1500 Head Acc.
Let's Party Green Let's Party Green 1500 Head Acc.
Let's Party Black Let's Party Black 1500 Head Acc.
Let's Party White Let's Party White 1500 Head Acc.
Image Item Bobomps Needed Type
Party Balloons Pink Party Balloons Pink 1100 Other
Party Balloons Yellow Party Balloons Yellow 1100 Other
Party Balloons Blue Party Balloons Blue 1100 Other
Image Item Bobomps Needed Type
Happy Confetti Blue Happy Confetti Blue 700 Back Acc.
Happy Confetti Yellow Happy Confetti Yellow 700 Back Acc.
Happy Confetti Green Happy Confetti Green 700 Back Acc.
Happy Confetti Purple Happy Confetti Purple 700 Back Acc.
Happy Confetti Pink Happy Confetti Pink 700 Back Acc.
Happy Confetti Deep Blue Happy Confetti Deep Blue 700 Back Acc.
Happy Confetti Brown Happy Confetti Brown 700 Back Acc.
Image Item Bobomps Needed Type
Shiny Crown Amethyst Shiny Crown Amethyst 1700 Face Acc.
Shiny Crown Emerald Shiny Crown Emerald 1700 Face Acc.
Shiny Crown Spinel Shiny Crown Spinel 1700 Face Acc.
Shiny Crown Garnet Shiny Crown Garnet 1700 Face Acc.
Shiny Crown Obsidian Shiny Crown Obsidian 1700 Face Acc.
Image Item Bobomps Needed Type
Bright Shine Purple Bright Shine Purple 4000 Outfit
Bright Shine Green Bright Shine Green 4000 Outfit
Bright Shine White Bright Shine White 4000 Outfit
Bright Shine Black Bright Shine Black 4000 Outfit
Bright Shine Monochrome Bright Shine Monochrome 4000 Outfit

Ranking AwardsEdit


Splendid Celebrity

Splendid Celebrity

Splendid Celebrity,
Mansion Fence

Mansion Fence

Mansion Fence


Splendid Celebrity


Mansion Fence


Diligent Girl 5 (×5)

Negotiator Hermit 5 (×5)

Achievement AwardsEdit

Total number of Bobomps Award Image
20 Peach Bun Peach Bun
75 Hydrangea Hat Purple Hydrangea Hat Purple
150 Energy Drink Energy Drink
400 Velvet Frills Purple Velvet Frills Purple
750 Let's Party Pink Lets Party Pink
1150 Party Balloons Red Party Balloons Red
2000 Happy Confetti Red Happy Confetti Red
3000 Silky Dream Snow White Silky Dream Snow White
5000 Dream Jewel Dress Red Dream Jewel Dress Red
7000 Free Accessory Gacha Ticket Free Accessory Gacha Ticket
10000 All-Purpose Display Main All-Purpose Display Main
15000 Question Time Thinking Time Question Time Thinking Time
22000 Crystal Ice Way Blue Crystal Ice Way Blue
30000 Deep Night Lady Deep Night Lady