MCC10 is a 10 member Idol Group/daily socialization competition.
Its members change every day at midnight JST (UTC+9) and are chosen based on the number of times a MyRoid has been socialized with.
There are 10 members and 15 other candidates. The 10 members get presents chosen randomly.

MCC10 GiftsEdit

Image Gift from a fan Rank
Feeling of Lucky Feeling of Lucky Leader
Feeling of Surprise Feeling of Surprise Leader
Feeling of Electric Shock Feeling of Electric Shock Leader
Downhearted Downhearted Vice-leader
Mukyuu Mukyuu Vice-leader
Teehee Teehee Vice-leader
Apple Pudding Moe Moe Fruit Regular
Apple Pudding Apple Pudding Regular
Coffee Float Coffee Float Regular
Super Cake Super Cake Regular
Fruity Life Fruity Life Regular
Red Bean Tofu Red Bean Tofu Regular
Defrag Man Defrag Man Regular
Little Angel Little Angel Regular
Soft IceCream Cone Soft Ice Cream Cone Regular
Cat Puncher Cat Puncher Regular
Panda Bread Panda Bread Regular
Shaking Sundae Shaking Sundae Regular