Ongoing Events

Banner Dates
Dark Chocolate Panic
Dark Chocolate Panic banner

2019/02/04 to 2019/02/17

MOE Can Casino
MOE Can Casino banner Weekends and holidays.

Past Events

Banner Dates
Mall Flipper
Mall Flipper banner 2019/01/21 to 2019/02/03
New Year's Mission
New Year's Mission banner 2019/01/07 to 2019/01/20
A Christmas Story
A Christmas Story banner 2018/12/17 to 2019/01/06
Japan Here We Come!
Japan Here We Come! banner 2018/11/30 to 2018/12/16
Fall Cuisine Contest
Fall Cuisine Contest banner 2018/11/16 to 2018/11/29
MyRoid, the Knight, and the Parallel World
MyRoid, the Knight, and the Parallel World banner 2018/10/31 to 2018/11/15
Halloween in Fairy Tale Land
Halloween in Fairy Tale Land banner 2018/10/12 to 2018/10/30
A Sports Day to Remember
A Sports Day to Remember banner 2018/09/26 to 2018/10/11
Nature's Blessings
Nature's Blessings banner 2018/09/07 to 2018/09/25
On An Island With You Part 2
On An Island With You Part 2 banner 2018/08/22 to 2018/09/06
On An Island With You Part 1
On An Island With You Part 1 banner 2018/08/06 to 2018/08/21
Ghosts on the Beach!
Ghosts on the Beach! banner 2018/07/18 to 2018/08/05
Eternal Doll Games
Eternal Doll Games banner 2018/07/02 to 2018/07/17
Aqua Kingdom's Little Joy
Aqua Kingdom's Little Joy banner 2018/06/15 to 2018/07/01
Strawberry Paradise!
Strawberry Paradise! banner 2018/06/01 to 2018/06/14
Call Me Mama
Call Me Mama banner 2018/05/16 to 2018/05/31
Animal Petting Party
Animal Petting Party banner 2018/05/02 to 2018/05/15
Virtual World Crisis
Virtual World Crisis banner 2018/04/16 to 2018/05/01
Girls Egg Hunt
Girls Egg Hunt banner 2018/04/02 to 2018/04/15
Honor Roll Angels
Honor Roll Angels banner 2018/03/16 to 2018/04/01
White Day Cooking!
White Day Cooking banner 2018/03/02 to 2018/03/15
Plum Festival Extravaganza
Plum Festival Extravaganza banner 2018/02/15 to 2018/03/01
My Number One Love
My Number One Love banner 2018/01/31 to 2018/02/14
New Year Snowball Fight Event
New Year Snowball Fight Event banner 2018/01/10 to 2018/01/30
Gift Bearers From The Snowy City!
Gift Bearers From The Snowy City! banner 2017/12/20 to 2018/01/09
Making Motion Pictures
Making Motion Pictures banner 2017/12/04 to 2017/12/19
Moe-Moe Rock Paper Scissors 2
Moe-Moe Rock Paper Scissors 2 banner 2017/11/23 to 2017/11/30
2017/12/26 to 2018/01/02
2018/02/20 to 2018/02/27
Traveling Japan
Traveling Japan banner 2017/11/15 to 2017/12/03
MyRoids of Oz
MyRoids of Oz banner 2017/10/30 to 2017/11/14
Queens of Halloween
Queens of Halloween banner 2017/10/16 to 2017/10/29
Our Moonlit Guest
Our Moonlit Guest banner 2017/09/27 to 2017/10/15
The DJ Master
The DJ Master banner 2017/09/11 to 2017/09/26
Mythic Beasts & Fierce Priests
Mythic Beasts & Fierce Priests banner 2017/08/23 to 2017/09/10
Help On The Beach
Help On The Beach banner 2017/08/02 to 2017/08/22}
Rainfall and Rainbows
Rainfall and Rainbows banner 2017/07/18 to 2017/08/01
Dream Wedding
Dream Wedding banner 2017/07/03 to 2017/07/17
Steampunk Dreams
Steampunk Dreams banner 2017/06/16 to 2017/07/02
MyRoid The Baker
MyRoid The Baker banner 2017/05/31 to 2017/06/15
Budding Flower Garden
Budding Flower Garden banner 2017/05/15 to 2017/05/30
Vernal School Days
Vernal School Days banner 2017/04/24 to 2017/05/14
Through The MOE-Glass
Through The MOE-Glass banner 2017/04/03 to 2017/04/23
Moe-Moe Rock Paper Scissors
Moe-Moe Rock Paper Scissors banner 2017/03/28 to 2017/04/02
2017/04/18 to 2017/04/23
MyRoids In Wonderland
MyRoids In Wonderland banner 2017/03/13 to 2017/04/02
Happy White Day
Happy White Day banner 2017/03/01 to 2017/03/12
Happy Hinamatsuri
Happy Hinamatsuri banner 2017/02/14 to 2017/02/28
Angels & Demons of Valentine
Angels & Demons Of Valentine banner 2017/02/03 to 2017/02/13
Way Of The Ninja
Way Of The Ninja banner 2017/01/20 to 2017/02/02
The Brave Ravens
The Brave Ravens banner 2017/01/06 to 2017/01/19
Holy Night
Holy Night banner 2016/12/21 to 2017/01/05
Silent Night
Silent Night banner 2016/12/07 to 2016/12/20
Work Experience Event
Work Experience Event banner 2016/11/21 to 2016/12/06
Fall Festival Fun
Fall Festival Fun banner 2016/10/31 to 2016/11/20
Jack-O-Lantern Town
Jack-O-Lantern Town banner 2016/10/12 to 2016/10/30
MOECAN Quest banner 2016/09/27 to 2016/10/11
A Tsundere Goddess!
A Tsundere Goddess banner 2016/09/05 to 2016/09/26
AMB Com-PANIC! banner 2016/08/18 to 2016/09/04
Moe Summer Festival
Moe Summer Festival banner 2016/08/01 to 2016/08/17
Summer Finals
Summer Finals banner 2016/07/15 to 2016/07/31
Spring Blues Event
Spring Blues Event banner 2016/06/29 to 2016/07/14
I Married MyRoid!
I Married MyRoid! banner 2016/06/13 to 2016/06/29
Hot Spring Paradise!
Hot Spring Paradise! banner 2016/05/31 to 2016/06/13
Best Cook in Town
Best Cook in Town banner 2016/05/11 to 2016/05/30
Return to Wonderland
Return to Wonderland banner 2016/04/27 to 2016/05/10
Doggone Purrfect!
Doggone Purrfect! banner 2016/04/13 to 2016/04/26
The Punishment Game
The Punishment Game banner 2016/03/28 to 2016/04/12
White Day Event
White Day Event banner 2016/03/09 to 2016/03/27
End-Of-The-Worlders banner 2016/02/24 to 2016/03/08
My Secret Valentine
My Secret Valentine banner 2016/02/08 to 2016/02/23
Travellers of Time!
Travellers of Time! banner 2016/01/22 to 2016/02/07
Eat, Drink & Be Merry!
Eat, Drink & Be Merry! banner 2016/01/06 to 2016/01/21
Happy Christmas Pt.2
Happy Christmas Pt.2 banner 2015/12/14 to 2015/12/24
Happy Christmas Pt.1
Happy Christmas Pt.1 Banner 2015/12/14 to 2015/12/24
Enjoy Canada!
Enjoy Canada! banner 2015/11/30 to 2015/12/13
Moe-Moe Chinese Restaurant!
Moe-Moe Chinese Restaurant! banner 2015/11/18 to 2015/11/29
Culture Festival
Culture Festival Banner 2015/10/30 to 2015/11/17
Halloween Fever!
Halloween Fever! banner 2015/10/01 to 2015/10/15
Worn-Out Goddess
Worn-Out Goddess Banner 2015/09/16 to 2015/10/01
MOE Can Land Returns!
MOE Can Land Returns! banner 2015/09/01 to 2015/09/15
A Challenger Appears!
A Challenger Appears! Banner 2015/08/17 to 2015/08/31
Moe Live On Stage!
Moe Live On Stage! Banner 2015/07/27 to 2015/08/17
A Dip in the Sea
A Dip in the Sea Banner 2015/07/09 to 2015/07/27
Sleepy Time
Sleepy Time Banner 2015/06/25 to 2015/07/09
Countryside Memories
Countryside Memories Banner 2015/06/08 to 2015/06/25
MOE Can Paintball!
MOE Can Paintball! Banner 2015/05/22 to 2015/06/08
Fly in the Breeze! Koinobori!
Fly in the Breeze! Koinobori! Banner 2015/04/08 to 2015/05/22
A Farm In Need!
A Farm In Need! Banner 2015/04/22 to 2015/05/07
Ruins Exploration!
Ruins Exploration! Banner 2015/04/08 to 2015/04/22
Aquarium Date!
Aquarium Date! Banner 2015/03/25 to 2015/04/08
Traveling with Myroid
Traveling with Myroid Banner 2015/03/11 to 2015/03/25
Singing Contest
Singing Contest Banner 2015/02/25 to 2015/03/11
Love MyRoid Chocolate
Love MyRoid Chocolate banner 2015/02/10 to 2015/02/25
Snow Festival
Snow Festival Banner 2015/01/28 to 2015/02/10
Shrine Promotion
Shrine Promotion Banner 2015/01/14 to 2015/01/28
Chinatown Revisited
Chinatown Revisited Banner 2015/01/06 to 2015/01/14
Shrine Cleaning
Shrine Cleaning Banner 2014/12/25 to 2015/01/06
A Present from Santa
A Present from Santa Banner 2014/12/10 to 2014/12/24
Clash of Dolls
Clash of Dolls Banner 2014/11/26 to 2014/12/10
Knitting Frenzy
Knitting Frenzy Banner 2014/11/12 to 2014/11/26
MOE Contest Halloween
MOE Contest Halloween Results 2014/10/31 to 2014/11/08
Moe Cafe
Moe Cafe Banner 2014/10/29 to 2014/11/12
Halloween Night
Halloween Night Banner 2014/10/15 to 2014/10/29
It's Cheering Time!
It's Cheering Time! Banner 2014/10/01 to 2014/10/15
Fallen Leaves
Fallen Leaves Banner 2014/09/17 to 2014/10/01
MOE Contest Casual
MOE Contest Casual Results 2014/09/22 to 2014/10/01
Observatory Cleanup
Observatory Cleanup Banner 2014/09/03 to 2014/09/17
MOE Contest Summer
MOE Contest Summer Results 2014/09/09 to 2014/09/11
Summer Festival
Summer Festival Banner 2014/08/20 to 2014/09/03
Save the Beach House
Save the Beach House Banner 2014/08/06 to 2014/08/20
Beach Shell Hunt
Beach Shell Hunt Banner 2014/07/23 to 2014/08/06
Sport is Life
Sport is Life Banner 2014/07/09 to 2014/07/23
Wedding Clash
Wedding Clash Banner 2014/06/25 to 2014/07/09
Rainy Season
Rainy Season Banner 2014/06/11 to 2014/06/25
Lazy Day Event
Lazy Day Event Banner 2014/05/28 to 2014/06/11
Spring Moe Contest 2014
Spring Moe Contest 2014 Banner 2014/05/15 to 2014/05/28
Forever Green
Forever Green Banner 2014/05/01 to 2014/05/15
Spring Candy Hunt
Spring Candy Hunt Banner 2014/04/16 to 2014/05/01
Easter Event
Easter Event Banner 2014/04/02 to 2014/04/16
Detective Event
Detective Event Banner 2014/03/19 to 2014/04/02
Save the Kingdom
Save the Kingdom Banner 2014/03/05 to 2014/03/19
Game of Dolls
Game of Dolls Banner 2014/02/19 to 2014/03/05
Valentine's Day Helper
Valentine's Day Helper Banner 2014/02/05 to 2014/02/19
Hot Springs Special
Hot Springs Special Banner 2014/01/22 to 2014/02/05
Treasures of Chinatown
Treasures of Chinatown Banner 2014/01/08 to 2014/01/22
Christmas Event 2013
MOE Can Christmas Banner 2013/12/18 to 2014/01/08
MOE Can Party!
MOE Can Party Banner 2013/11/18 to 2013/12/18
Autumn Reading
Autumn Reading Banner 2013/10/14 to 2013/11/18
MOE Contest
MOE Contest 2013/09/30 to 2013/10/14
MOE Can Land
MOE Can Land 2013/08/29 to 2013/09/30
Road to the Music Legend
Road to the Music Legend 2013/08/01 to 2013/08/29

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    • Same for me, it's very annoying because I tried everything to remove the recommendation but it doesn't work. I hope they fix that soon.
    • I just restarted (by accident, after getting my tablet wiped) and my myroid wont change from the default. anybody know why?
  • Mutiple event achievement outfits

    6 messages
    • Yeah, it sounds to me like it was all recommended by someone. Everyone is only able to get ONE of each acheivement award outfit/accessory. O...
    • Okay, it was likey that and I was just hoping otherwise.Thank You for your replys.