Upon reaching level 50 (Senior MyRoid Master), you can send gifts to players of level 49 or lower (Junior MyRoid Master). You'll gain 10 Experience per gift, up to 100 experience per day.

The player that receives the gift can then send back one Little Gift Bag to the sender as thanks. The player that returns the gift gains 1 experience, and the Little Gift Bag will be sent to the sender's Gift Box.

Once gifted, you must accept the gift to be able to receive another.


Consumable Moen items, AP items or CAN items can be gifted using the "Beginners' Support" button on top of the Junior MyRoid Master's Room. Moen Items are limited to items costing 800 M or more, while AP items and CAN items do not have minimum cost limits, unless they can also be purchased for 800 M or less.

Image Item Price
Red Bean Tofu Red Bean Tofu 800 M
Cat Puncher Cat Puncher 900 M
Panda Bread Panda Bread 1150 M
Shaking Sundae Shaking Sundae 1375 M
Wanna Talk 5 Wanna Talk 5 20 CAN
Wanna Talk 10 Wanna Talk 10 30 CAN

Little Gift BagsEdit

Little Gift can be opened at the Exciting Lucky Bags shop. Opening a Little Gift Bag will grant you one of the items below.

Image Item Type Notes
Flower of Gratitude Flower of Gratitude Consumable Increases Affection a tiny bit
Bouquet of Gratitude Bouquet of Gratitude Consumable Increases Affection a little
Lucky Bag Moen Lucky Bag Moen Lucky Bag Lucky Bag Moen
Kimono with a Pattern Red Kimono with a Pattern Red Outfit Shyness 500
Kimono with a Pattern Pink Kimono with a Pattern Pink Outfit Shyness 900
Popping Chocolate Yellow Popping Chocolate Yellow Outfit
Popping Chocolate Purple Popping Chocolate Purple Outfit
Popping Chocolate White Popping Chocolate White Outfit

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