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Welcome to the Beginner's Shop! Super prices for 72 hours!

A special shop for beginners only available for 72 hours with items at a introductory discount.

Gacha DiscountEdit

For the next [85hours after sign up] ALL outfit Gachas are:

Item Discounted Cost (AP) Normal Cost (AP)
Normal : 100AP300AP
Rare++: 300AP500AP

Shop ItemsEdit

Image Item Discounted Cost (AP) Normal Cost (AP)
Mr SandmanSunny HoneyMyRoid Health Set
Mr. Sandman ×1
Sunny Honey×1
Business Lady 30Negotiator Hermit 30Working Support Set
Business lady 30 ×3
Negotiator Hermit 30 ×3
Diligent Girl 30Spirited Megaphone 30Studying Support Set
Diligent Girl 30 ×3
Spirited Megaphone 30 ×3
Energy DrinkTry it yourself! Energy Drink!
Energy Drink ×1
Frill Skirt Uniform RedFrill Skirt Uniform Pink
Frill Skirt Uniform BlueFrill Skirt Uniform Vermillion
Diligent Girl 30
Studying Style Set

Frill Skirt Uniform Red or Pink or Blue or Vermillion
Diligent Girl 60

100AP 260AP
Simple Layered Clothes Pink WhiteBunny Cap Pink
Simple Layered Clothes Green WhiteBunny Cap Green
Simple Layered Clothes Black WhiteBunny Cap Black
Simple Layered Clothes Red BlackBunny Cap Red
Relaxing Walk Set

Simple Layered Clothes Pink White, Bunny Cap Pink
Simple Layered Clothes Green White, Bunny Cap Green
Simple Layered Clothes Black White, Bunny Cap Black
Simple Layered Clothes Red Black, Bunny Cap Red

Kitten Hoodie BlackCat Ears BlackCat Tail Black
Kitten Hoodie SkyCat Ears BlueCat Tail Blue
Kitten Hoodie PinkCat Ears BrownCat Tail Brown
Kitten Hoodie RedCat Ears RedCat Tail Red
Kitten Hoodie OrangeCat Ears YellowCat Tail Yellow
Meow Meow Cat Set

Kitten Hoodie Black, Cat Ears Black, Cat Tail Black
Kitten Hoodie Sky, Cat Ears Blue, Cat Tail Blue
Kitten Hoodie Pink, Cat Ears Brown, Cat Tail Brown
Kitten Hoodie Red, Cat Ears Red, Cat Tail Red
Kitten Hoodie Orange, Cat Ears Yellow, Cat Tail Yellow

Rose Barrette BlackRose Dress 1 Black
Rose Barrette WhiteRose Dress 1 White
Rose Barrette CrimsonRose Dress 1 Crimson
Rose Barrette PurpleRose Dress 1 Purple
Rose Barrette PinkRose Dress 1 Pink
Rose Barrette BlueRose Dress 1 Blue
Rose Barrette YellowRose Dress 1 Yellow
Rose Barrette GreenRose Dress 1 Green
Rose Lady Set

Rose Barrette Black, Rose Dress 1 Black, or
Rose Barrette White, Rose Dress 1 White, or
Rose Barrette Crimson, Rose Dress 1 Crimson, or
Rose Barrette Purple, Rose Dress 1 Purple, or
Rose Barrette Pink, Rose Dress 1 Pink, or
Rose Barrette Blue, Rose Dress 1 Blue, or
Rose Barrette Yellow, Rose Dress 1 Yellow, or
Rose Barrette Green, Rose Dress 1 Green

Books on the Bookshelf! YellowBooks on the Bookshelf! Crimson
Books on the Bookshelf! PinkBooks on the Bookshelf! Blue
Spirited Megaphone 30
Diligent Girl 30
Eager Learner Girl Set

Books on the Bookshelf! Yellow or Crimson or Pink or Blue
Spirited Megaphone 30 ×1 Diligent Girl 30 ×1